Friday, 8 November 2013

Free up a few more Gbs in a Laptop

We can free up a few more Gbs by doing following in windows 7. I have not however checked the same for windows xp.

Disabling Hibernate

When we keep hibernate mode on a file named hiberfil.sys takes a huge amount of storage. It may be around & Gb or even more than that. This space can be claimed back by disabling “Hibernate” option. Removing hibernate option deletes the hiberfil.sys. To do this :

1. Open the command prompt in administrator mode.
2. Type : powercfg –h off
3. Hit enter

Configure Virtual Memory

One more thing is to set up virtual memory size. 

This is can be checked by checking the size of “pagefile.sys”. By default it is system managed size. Do configure this we can follow the following steps:

1. Open the maximum applications in the system and check the memory usage from the Task Manger while running all these applications together.
2. Right click on Compute Icon and click properties.
3. Click on advance system settings on the left panel.
4. Click on the advance tab and click Settings under Performance
5. Then on the Performance options window click on Advance tab.
6. Under virtual memory select change.
7. Choose custom size and assign a minimum value and maximum value depending on the figure found on the point 1.
8. Click ok to save changes.
Doing above will help reclaim good amount of memory.

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