Saturday, 12 October 2013

Taking Advantage From Free Cloud Storages

I can have 24 GB of storage for me to store files by just having accounts in three different sites namely Google, Microsoft and Drop Box. Really helpful! Is not it? There are now many web sites that provide some amount of free Storage to store verities of files.  It has been several years Google and Microsoft providing free storage to their users. But most of the people preferred (many still prefer) to keep files in their personal computer storage. This is of course personal choice. However the trend is changing with the uses of multiple devices by individuals. That’s the Smart Phones, Tablets and PC/Laptops as required. Most of the Smart Phone application encourages or prompts users to store item in online storage preferably a cloud one. Most of them actually are in cloud. This can be paid or free but most of the application supports the limited free storage like Google drive provided by Google or Sky drive provided by Microsoft. This is becoming popular because of the instant availability of files. This is almost eliminating the use of Pen drive or CDs for keeping files. We can store presentations, reports and photos etc. etc. and access them from a desktop, laptop, smart phone or a tablet. Not only that, there are applications provided by the web sites for phone, PC/Laptop or tablet to easily upload and download files from storages provided by them. These applications also syncs files in these devices. The apps connect to storages and sync the folders.

The biggest advantages of such storage are:
1. No fear of loss of important data due to system crash.
2. No tension for forgetting to take files such as presentations, reports etc. They can be accessed directly from the web or from a device.
3. Always up-to-date, no several versions for the same document. Like in Pen drive chances are there that the pen drive version keeps changing and is different from the desktop or a laptop version.
4. Can be shared selectively among people and instantly available.
5. Available anytime offline/online.
6. Can be efficiently use device storage space by moving pictures or clips from devices such as Phone to these storages.

Only important thing while using such storage is security for unauthorized access to files. But this can be taken care with a few precautions.  A few important things:

1. Most of the applications that communicates with the storage takes credentials once and keep using it unless user signed out. So need to be careful while allowing others to use or access personal device irrespective of whatever it’s a smart phone or a computer.
2. It’s better to sign out properly whenever not needed.
3. One needs to be careful while sharing files. Specially while sharing to a group or public.
With a little careful we can really take advantage of these storages and use them efficiently.

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