Saturday, 12 October 2013

Resolving a memory card Issue with My Nokia Lumia

It may be helpful for someone facing the same problem.  When I connected my Nokia Lumia 820 to my laptop, I was not able to browse the phone memory. I had already installed Windows Phone app for Desktop. Though my computer shows the Phone I just cannot save even the Phone Name. After a little search I found a few people complaining the same issue. In one post I found a solution which worked for me. I just removed my memory card, and connected the Phone and it worked. The issue is with the storage format of the memory card. I connected my memory card to card reader and copied my data. Then I formatted the card and put in my phone. This time everything worked and I can browse both my phone memory and card memory from my Laptop. One of the issues I still struggling is sometime I get multiple copies of a photo I clicked. I came across a post which says its OS issue and probably get rectified in next version of Windows Phone 8. For this I have to hope and wait.
**I published this post originally under a different blog address.

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